Overnight At Luane’s World

Over Night At Luane's World
The Slice of Heaven Sim is home to Luane’s World and LW Poses. I frequent this sim often for photos because there are so many little perfect cozy spots for natural settings or fantasy type settings. This beautiful sim changes with the seasons, and I always find something new! (Join the free group to rez.)
Luane’s World: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slice%20of%20Heaven/232/243/22

If you are wondering what I am up to with these sim photos…  I’m building a page dedicated to Photography Sims, mostly for myself so I remember my favourites but also for anyone else that needs help finding a good spot!


Dead Dollz For Fifty Linden Friday

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Dead Dollz For Fifty Linden Friday

Hey FabFree!  You’ll have to excuse my back to you today!  This 50L limited time offer is just asking to be shown from behind.  There’s no time for blablabla today as we are already on borrowed time!

Dead Dollz For Fifty Linden Friday!

Yep…  It’s Saturday – and this is a Fifty Linden Friday offer, but I have confirmed at the time of this post – it is still available!  If you manage to head down to Dead Dollz before Kiddo takes it down, you can grab the Maitreya Mesh Body Fitted Flo Dress and Gloves Set (with a texture change bow ring!) for just 50L!   I really like this dress…  I may have to pick it up in black too.



Love is wearing…

Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa Catya
Head Applier – Glam Affair Wendy (featured @ C88)
Nail Appliers – Alaskametro

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Love In Tattoos?

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Love in Tattoos?
Well hello there Fabulouses!  It’s not often I wear tattoos in Second Life, which is odd… because I actually do have a little ink in RL, but I found a tattoo as a free group gift that I really liked on my avatar and at the same place was this sexy black dress as a group gift too.  It’s possible I have just been too lazy to add another layer on top of all the other things I am already wearing!  I am not sure if this is going to stick yet, but you may see me in more ink in future posts.  It was totally a double score!

It’s Always A Good Day For A New Tattoo

The bolero style Lori Tattoo as shown on my avatar (and several other tattoos) as well as the black Perla Dress in one fitted Maitreya Mesh Body size is available as a

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