Photography Sims

Just a little ever growing list of some of the sims I frequent for photography purposes :).  Scroll down to the bottom for tips on how to take pictures on no-rezz sims and click the pictures for a larger version in my flickr feed!

Isle of May


ISLE OF MAY – I have been spending a lot of time here on the Isle of May Sim, so I wanted to make sure I added this one to my list of Photography Sims! This beautiful island with a quiet mood features a rocky coastline with sunken ships, a light house, several dwellings, sea birds all about, a rickety old bridge and their famous meadow of poles. There are several fantastic spots for photography or relaxation here.
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LOVE – Home to Miss Chelsea and Juju Mainstores, the Love sim is bursting at the mesh seams with a classic city scene. Take a stroll down the city streets lined with cafes and pretty little shops, or stop and grab a newspaper at the stand. The center square has a gated garden with benches, pigeons a fountain to complete the setting. The vintage cars and antique decorative touches give this sim a classic feel.  Also it has a great name!
(No rezzing allowed)



Over Night At Luane's World


LUANE’S WORLD – The Slice of Heaven Sim is home to Luane’s World and LW Poses. I frequent this sim often for photos because there are so many little perfect cozy spots for natural settings or fantasy type settings. This beautiful sim with forest, meadow, lake and beach areas – changes with all the seasons, and I always find something new! Great for outdoor shots and indoor home settings too.
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Meraki Islands


MERAKI ISLANDS – A peaceful green sim for photography featuring a misty wetland landscape with mossy rocks, marshy grasses and windswept trees.  The rustic brick pathways and dusty dirt roads lead you from one spectacular photo opportunity to another offering little nooks with vintage gates and bikes, fountains, and other decor.   My favourite feature of this island are the water channels that run through the entire sim, complete with boats to float your cares away.  (Join the free group to rez.)





NETHERWOOD – Inspired by the picturesque English Lake District, The Netherwood Sim is a romantic countryside with plenty of photography opportunities.  There you’ll find towering mountains, lush green forests, farmhouses scattered about the colourful countryside, an abundance of wildlife and a stunning lake with spectacular views of the lighthouse. Don’t forget to turn your sound on!
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Small Town Green


SMALL TOWN GREEN – A whimsical eclectic collection of photo opportunities!  At the landing point you’ll find a town square (actually, it’s a circle!) setting with shops, restaurants, vehicles and a fountain in the center. As you venture outside through the archway to the rest of the sim there is just no telling what you might find.  Vast hills and valleys with windy pathways lead to rainy koi ponds, through a hobbit village with GIANT cats, and at the far end – a cafe!
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The Last Forever


THE LAST FOREVER – Inspired by Marfa, Texas! I have never been to Marfa, but I have seen photos and this sim is very much a likeness with the rustic desert campground, town streets, train tracks and even some houses. This sim is great for photography as well as for relaxation.
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WITCHWOOD – A visit to WITCHWOOD this afternoon. I kept half expecting Spike to pop out from from the Crypt. Set to night, this graveyard has fireflies, and set to day – the sun rays. Both were so pretty, I couldn’t decide – so I went with daybreak, a little of both! Home to Petite Mort & Oubliette, this sim has many little magical forest spots for photos, a graveyard and even a little beach area.
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  1. Don’t be afraid to pose yourself static, and then attach things (props, pets, whatever!) to your avatar and use the edit tool to move them around where you want them.
  2. If you want to use a pose of your own without being shoved around by accidental movement, sit on something (like a chair or a stool) with an adjust menu and then activate your pose.  After you have done so, use the adjust menu to move yourself where you need to be.