Photography Sims

Just a little ever growing list of some of the sims I frequent for photography purposes :).  Scroll down to the bottom for tips on how to take pictures on no-rezz sims.


  1. Don’t be afraid to pose yourself static, and then attach things (props, pets, whatever!) to your avatar and use the edit tool to move them around where you want them.  If  by chance the item you are attempting to edit is not on your screen and you don’t want to move your camera angle, you edit the item from your inventory and under the objects menu, set the locations to 0 – 0 – 0 and it will pop onto the center of your avatar.
  2. If you want to use a pose of your own without being shoved around by accidental movement, sit on something (like a chair or a stool) with an adjust menu and then activate your pose.  After you have done so, use the adjust menu to move yourself where you need to be.