Let’s Go Lil’ Slugger

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Lil' Slugger
With the sun still shining on the way home from work (HORRAY FOR LONGER DAYS!), he was itching to throw a few balls outside and enjoy the sun. I was just getting dinner started, when he came in to the kitchen.  “Let’s go Lil’ Slugger!” he said, passing the baseball back and forth between his hand and the glove making a thunking sound as it hit the leather.  I turned to respond “I have to start di…” but he cut me off with “Don’t worry, baby!  I’ll go easy on you.”. I stopped  mid-chop because that was all I needed to hear.  I grabbed one of his caps off the coat rack, laced up my shoes and followed behind him to the yard.

Heading Out

We stopped at the open part of the yard and he went on and on the whole way out trying to teach me how to hit the ball. 

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