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Snapshot_003Good morning everyone! I have news of a couple of really great gifts to share with you today.Ā  That should make your Monday a little more pleasant šŸ™‚

Yesterday, Valentina E. sent out this beautiful dress called Jenna in a deep navy colour that I simply adore.Ā  If you are already a subscriber,Ā check your objects folder!!Ā  If you are not currently a subscriber you may haveĀ to miss out on this gift, but head down there and subscribe for future offers. Ā I tried unsubbing and resubbing to see ifĀ it would auto deliver upon new subscribe but itĀ didnā€™t, so I am assuming thisĀ particular giftĀ is only available to current subscribers ā€“ donā€™t quote me though!

You can also pickĀ up the Sandelina SlinkĀ High Heels as a free group gift at Vogue.Ā  These of course fit only with the Slink high feet.Ā  TheĀ Vogue group is free to join.

Have a super week!


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