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Happy Friday everyone ūüôā I am stopping by the blog today to share news with you about the current Sn@tch Fishing Prize!¬† Right now you can fish for the 21 piece Back¬†To School Set that includes five mesh skirts, four mesh sweaters, socks, shoes lipgoss and freckles.¬† One of the things that I like about these fishing prizes at Sn@tch is that they are so¬†versatile.¬† You can mix and match¬†and toss in your own additions as well.¬† I am wearing the BTS¬†black¬†sweater vest, the bow and¬† the grey skirt today, but you can see the whole collection in their vendor ad below.¬† You will need to have the 7Seas Fishing Rod to fish for these items which can be purchased¬†right in the 7Seas Vendor at Sn@tch. ¬†It will set you back 100L, but you can use it for future fishing prizes ‚Äď one time fee.¬†¬†¬† These fishing prizes switch‚Ķ

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