Blooming Into The Season Hunt

blooming-into-the-seasonThe Blooming into the Season Hunt runs from April 10th – May 10th and has all kinds of springy type prizes in store for you!  There are approximately 28 shops participating in this quick little hunt and the icon you will be looking for is a circular disc similar to the advert shown above.  You’ll know it when you see it!  All of the prizes are free.

You can find a complete list of slurls with hints and some of the prizes previewed at the Official Blog.

Below is a selection of some of my favourites 😉


Wound Lazy Pants (free / 0L / BISH) –

Nani Poses Blooming Daisies Poses (free / 0L / BISH) –

Dreamscapes Art Gallery Blooming Bench (free / 0L / BISH) –


Mish Mish Lil Fat Bird (free / 0L / BISH) –

Pure Poison Blooming Into Spring Earrings (free / 0L / BISH) –

Circa Muskoka Deck Set (free / 0L / BISH) –

Ruth’s Creations Blooming Into The Season Hunt Gift (Flower Basket) (free / 0L / BISH) –

Tia Spring Birdhouse (free / 0L / BISH) –

Prism Stacie By Journey (free / 0L / BISH) –


Love is also wearing…

Skin – PXL Creations Sophia (not free) –

Eyes – IKON Ardent Eyes Clarity (not free) –

Eyelashes – *FTL* S02 Kirei (not free) –

Hair – Truth January & Marisol (not free) –

Feet – Slink Barefeet (not free) –

White Blouse – Sassy! Intrigue Blouse (not free) –


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