An Apple A Day Keeps The Blahs Away

Slovesadventures - An Apple A Day Keeps The Blahs Away

Sure… An apple a day keeps the blahs away, but why would you want to keep the blahs away when they make you so kissable?  The high waisted lace dress I am wearing today is from Blah and it fits like a glove!  The back of this dress features a sexy zipper that is slightly un-zipped, giving it a real “come-hither” look.   It comes in 10 different colours and was just 145L per dress or you can purchase the fatpack for 1250L.  Will say just one thing – remember to put on panties girls!  This dress does not include the panties…  I should have copy and pasted what was said to me in local while I was grabbing a SLURL for this hair lmao…  but it was something along the lines of… “DAMN Trill, don’t you feel a breeze?”.  I never forget panties in RL, not sure why it happens here in SL /me shakes her head in self disappointment.  (Muffin, if you read my blog – TY for letting me know about my lack of underoos!).

Anyways, about the hair!  This hair I am so in love with today.  This is my first experience with Pocket Mirrors Hair and I have to say, I LOVE how shiny the texture is and the styles are so unique.  This one is Sabriane and has a really classy/hot vintage look to it.  I am wearing the light blonde shade and the colour packs are 200L each.



Love is wearing…

Skin – Al Vulo Polly (300L / Private Room Event) –

Eyes – Fashism Eyes Sunrise Light Azure – 

Hair – Pocket Mirrors Sabriane  –

Dress – Blah My Highwaist Lace Dress  –

Stockings – N-Core Stocking Brown Seam  –

Boots – Similar Shoes Vipers –

Jewelry – Tres Beau Ribbon Pearls –

Pose by Lost Angel –


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