A Trip To Tableau


Hello SL Lovelies!  It has been a while since I have gone on an adventure to a sim to explore as I have been so busy freebie hunting for FabFree, so I thought I would check out the Tableau Sim.  I have been there to shop before, but went back there today to check out the scenery around the shops and was pleasantly surprised by the creativity it holds! I only visited a small section of Tableau this evening, and was just so busy looking at everything I didn’t even make it over to the other side.  I will have to revisit and blog the other side soon!


Sometimes when I am wandering through a sim, I think to myself..  “What on earth was going through this person’s mind as they created this?”, but it’s amazing!


Yes…  a giant bunny eating a sign..  of course!  Why didn’t I think of it?  lol  It’s pretty cute actually with its bulgy eyes.  At least he didn’t try to eat me like the alligator in The Swamp Sim!


Love is wearing…

Hair – Truth Astrid  – I am so going to wear this one out, I love it THAT much!

Outfit – SLC Jeans & Top Winona Blue  – This set includes the cute ruffley top with the sweet cuffed jeans and the belt as well. 🙂

Shoes – Sugar Shoes – (I went to find the LM for you all for these shoes and I can’t find the store!  Where has Sugar gone? :/)

Randomcolor Bubble Gum – (marketplace)



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