Kahleesi & The Epic Dragon Scene!

Just one last Game of Thrones Kahleesi post to get it out of my system 🙂

 Yes, yes..  I am aware there was three dragons..  I only had two!  SL Kahleesi makes due, thats’s just who she is.

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Photos were taken at The Lost World, on the island of Buguile, a stunning sim filled with abandoned ruins, tall waterfalls, lush landscaping and statues.  I hope you visit, it is must see!

Love is wearing…

Hair – Truth Liv

Skin – Al Vulo Inuit (Previous free group gift)

Clothes – Kastle Rock Camisk (Previous free gem hunt item)

Accessories – shoulder dragons from Tempest (which I can’t seem to find anymore… thus the 2 dragons instead of 3 :/)

Virtual Insanity Braided Arm Band (previous hunt item)

This is it, I swear.. then it’s back to regular programming


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