Creative Chaos Gifts & A Trip To Winterfell

With the season finale of Game of Thrones this past Sunday I am going through withdrawals lol..  I swear one more G O T post and then I’ll give it a rest.  I visited The Winterfell Sim today in Serena Cay Sal and had a lovely time snooping around visiting the places I had been watching on TV in the series.  Within Winterfell I found The Heart Tree, The Wall, The Wolf’s Den and so many other things that are in the books/tv series.

It is a RP sim, and I was a little nervous I was going to break rules being totally RP inexperienced lol, but it was fairly quiet with just a few in the sim.  I did spy Robb Stark..  and I am kicking myself for not running over fast enough to see his avatar before he poofed.

Anyways.. you just know I dressed for the occasion!  Creative Chaos has SO many beautiful group gifts and freebies in store that I couldn’t make up my mind which one to wear… and changed several times… <grins>  I won’t do outfit info for each dress – way too many…  I’ll just let you know as well as the dresses…  I am also wearing

Hair – DrLife Healthy Hair – Mei Wave – All Colours – WOW!  My girl Lladria told me about this hair store and I love it!  The hair is so shiny and flexible.  It comes with a colour changing HUD so you get all the colours for one price.  – *Hi5 Lladria!*

Boots – Pirate Boots by Candace Hudson (Marketplace purchase) Yes.. I know they are pirate boots, but you could hardly see them and they worked.  They are semi-midieval!

Accessories – Magic Nook Little Bird Ring, Creative Chaos *Night Fairy’s* Pearl Diamond Tiara (1L SALE!), Vintage Cage Long Chain (5L!) (Marketplace Purchase), [ GLOW ] Eyelashes – Waterdrops from The Dressing Room Blue.

On to the dresses!  YES – they were ALL FREE either through freebies out or group gifts (free to join) and there were way more to choose from as well as they have two Midnight Mania boards, and dollarbies available!

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