* Team Stark *

Ok, so it may have slipped out in a previous blog post that I am a bit of a Game of Thrones follower/geek and when I saw T-Shirt Junction was selling these limited edition T-shirts, I couldn’t pass it up!  They are no longer available in the store, but I bet if you whisper sweet nothings into the owner’s ear, she will hook you up.  They also had Team Lannister T-shirts available…  I hope they didn’t sell very many of those!   I only like one of the Lannisters, which is the the little one – he may live… but the rest must die in season 2!

Love is wearing…

Hair – Truth Astrid – New release this week – isn’t it adorable?!  

Shirt – T- Junction – Team Stark Limited Edition Tee

Skirt – *X*plosion Lace Jean Skirt – They have a ton of freebies in store too!

Shoes – In Her Shoes Dirty Denim Sneakers – All her items are FREE!

Accessories – Pepper Face Paint -1-, Pepper Dog Tag Mouth Chain, Freebie DCS Sword from Marketplace, Sn@tch Royal Bangle & Shabby Cat Tube Socks from Marketplace

I must aplogize in advance for all of the geeky Game of Thrones posts that are to follow this one.  I am feeling a Lady Trill post as well as another Daenarys post! – I am so sad the season is over!  Now I must wait till next spring to find out what happens next!



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