aDiva is Back!!

I was so excited to find out that one of my favourite stores, aDiva is back and they have a few free gifts to take advantage of in store.  I found five gifts…  but who knows.. there could be more!  These gifts in particular amazed me because I would have totally purchased them if I had seen them for sale!  They are so cute, and such good quality  The belts are included and they came with hats as well!  I am just too lazy to fit them over hair.  Maybe one day when I have an hour to fight with it…  and I am not saying these hats in particular are hard to deal with…  I just have a thing about SL hats!  I wish all SL hats just came with hair stuck to it!

Ok, so..  Everyone please go to aDiva, pick up these great gifts…  and BUY something so this awesome store can stay open this time!!


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