Day 3 of TBLF – Vive9 & ( R E D ) M I N T Group Gifts!

It’s day three of The Big Linden Fast for me and I’m still ok!  I found some great gifts to play with – YAY!  These are so good, I’d actually pay for them 🙂  The outfit is a group gift from ( R E D ) M I N T and the hair is a gift from VIVE9, and you know I have all kinds of love for Vive9!

These rooted hairstyles are interesting to me lol..  I wouldn’t be caught dead with roots this long in RL, but in SL, it is sexy!  Everything is sexier in SL… lmao – why is that?

Love is wearing…

Hair – VIVE9 Wang Free Gift (Comes in a few different colours – on the desk!)

Outfit – ( RED ) MINT Free Group Gift

Boots – My favourite boots EVER – Similar Shoes – Vipers (and FYI – they have some accessory type group gifts in store, sadly not shoes lol)

Accessories – Twisted & Spoiled Rawr Charm Necklace, Rawr Hoop Earrings, Chichi Bangles



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