Day 1 of TBLF – And… I’m OK! :)

Hello Lovelies  – It’s day one of the big Linden fast…  So far, I have not spent one linden on anything fashion related and I am doing ok.  Mostly it’s because it’s only 10:30AM SLT…  and I am still excited about what happened to me last night!  I had a visit from The Fairy Boob Mother!  She came to me last night like an angel in the night and passed me…  my very first pair of bouncing, jiggling boobs.  I SO wish I knew how to take a video of this because it’s truly amazing and I would totally insert it right here… but I don’t…  Thankfully someone else does!!

The video above looks like they got all the jiggles turned way up, but you can just have a lil jiggle.  I turned the butt and belly jiggle off instantly lol, and the boob jiggle down to a minimum.  I don’t want to take an eye out or anything – but a little natural jiggle enhancement is a good thing right?  Thank you Tera for sharing such a wonderful gift – it really is the gift that keeps on giving… <winks and jiggles>

If you’d like your own pair of delicious, bouncy jugs , you can close your eyes really tightly, cross your fingers while squeezing your breasts together and wish upon a star or – CLICK HERE (they are only 3L – course when TGLF is over…)



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