Attention Bloggeristas – I Challenge You!

I can hardly believe my own fingers are typing this but…  </me sobs> my human… </me shoots a dirty look at my human> has cut me off lindens for one week!  I feel like the wicked witch who is meeeeltttting or a spoiled teenager who’s had her texting priveledges taken away!  Why oh why is she punishing me so harshly you may ask?  Because…  “I spend too much” she says (in a really annoying mother type voice).

Of course I had a screaming fit like that kid in Walmart who can’t have the cookies she wants.   Then as the tears began to clear cleared from my eyes and the hysterical sobs began to calm,  I thought to myself…  this is an interesting challenge…  I challenge my fellow bloggers and bloggeristas to not spend one teensy little linden on fashion for 7 full days!  Not 1L on hair, skin (/me hurts a little with that one), shapes, shoes (yes this includes boots and those prim feet), clothing or accessories…   I don’t know if I can do it…  Can you?  Who’s with me?  …  (ugh…  I hear silence, gonna be a long week)

/me facepalms



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