It is too about the Cha Ching, Cha Ching

Oh please, like you didn’t know I would go right into Paperdoll for the VIP gift (last post) and come out spending money!  LOL  I couldn’t help myself, the cute little shirt screamed my name and these jeans jumped right on me.  It was an attack really, and … in fact, I am the victim.  (I am very fortunate my human is weak when it comes to my purchase requests.)

I absolutely agree with Jessie J that it isnt about the Ba bling ba bling, because THAT should be outlawed in SL, but a little SL cha ching cha ching isn’t so bad is it?  Its therapy, I say…  and if a pair of pants can make an ass look like this – it’s nothing less than fate 🙂

Now of course I didn’t stop there..  No new outfit is complete without getting your hair done – so off to Maitreya I went!!  I was really impressed with my last purchase there, so went back for another – Nadja this time.. Her texture is gorgeous!  Its shiny, realistic, and semi flexi!!  10+ to Maitreya!

Love is wearing…

Hair – Maitreya Nadja

Shirt – Paper.doll Sophia Petal Shirt

Pants – Paper.doll Skinny White Jeans

Shoes – Similar Alessandria

Accessories – Legit Locket Necklace  – This necklace is really cool!  You can add two photos to the locket of your choice.. sadly, I can’t find the place that I purchased it.  I remember it being 50L though – what a deal.  


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