Sailing, Takes Me Away…

It’s not far down to paradise

Atleast it’s not for me

And if the wind is right you can sail away

and find tranquility

Second Life is sort of like sailing…  In the way that you can hop on the virtual SS Second Life and sail directly to where you want to be, whether it be on an adventure, a day of wearing someone else’s shoes, a grand happy ever after fantasy or to be in the arms of someone you would not have had the opportunity to meet on your real life paths.  I suppose someone who has never logged on, and looks at it from the outside won’t quite understand the amazing gifts that SL can bring to you, but I do, and I am so very grateful to sail.

The Dressing Room Blue has new designs today and this nautical bikini & skirt is one of the items that I couldn’t pass up.  The photo above is with the skirt off, and the photo below is with the skirt on. Just 70L for the outfit 🙂  I ❤ The Dressing Room & The Dressing Room Blue!

Love is wearing…

Hair – Maitreya Jordyn

Outfit -Balastice Yves Deep Sea from The Dressing Room Blue

Shoes – Pixel Mode Fae Wedge

Accessories – *dg* Anchor Necklace (marketplace purchase)



One thought on “Sailing, Takes Me Away…

  1. Precisely. Sailing is great. Sailing in SL is nowhere near real sailing, but it can give that feeling of just sailing away. Besides, the weather is allways sunny in SL. I like that. Now, I just need to get me a sailorgirl outfit 😀

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