Jar of Hearts

Hello Lovelies!  Now before you all go on thinking I’ve been jaded due to the song I am about to share with you,  I would like to clarify that I, Love Trill have not been jaded <g>, I simply love this song (except that I cringe to hear my human sing it like she thinks she is Christina Perri herself – the passion is there.. the talent is not) and well, my necklace made me think of it being a captured heart and all.  No drama here – its alllll about the necklace today!

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Love is wearing…

Hair – Truth Talulah

Bikini Top – Leel Leelkini Black – The bottoms to this are actually very cute too.  They sort of creep a tiny bit, but not in a gross stuck in your butt kind of way – more of a little cheek peek 🙂

Corset – Sn@tch Sheer Ribbed Corset

Jeans – Sartoria Dirty Hands Black Ripped Jeans

Boots – KBoots Black (marketplace purchase)

Accessories –

Pho Design Pho Heart Necklace – My friend Phoibus Magic created this necklace and the detailing is very clever.  This necklace is animated – the heart actually pumps!

Pepper Andavi Belt – Pepper makes the best belts!  Just sayin…

Leel Bracelet

.: [S] :. Bandaid – marketplace freebie



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