Take a Trip on the SL Orient Express

While the RL Orient Express hasn’t been in operation since 2009, you can still take a trip on the SL Orient Express!!  Bartlett & Nielson makes the coolest Orient Express Skybox and you simply must go see it for yourself!  In fact… take someone with you and share the adventure 🙂

While we are waiting to board the train…  let’s learn a little about the RL Orient Express in a quick little video:

A few photos from inside the train.  As you can see the builder is very talented!  The textures are very rich and realistic. The train and nature sound effects along with the french music in the back ground complete the setting.

You can click on about anything in the train and find a fun menu with natural poses.  I suppose natural may be a strange word…  I probably wouldn’t find myself lounging on top of the bar in the Orient Express..  but you know, Love Trill probably would.

Inside the stateroom there is a lovely table for watching out the window as the beautiful European views pass by and a canopy bed with a full service couples menu. <winks>

And.. just incase you are wondering about the sexy outfit I have on..

Love is wearing…

Hair – [ 69 ]  Keri 

Dress – The Fashion Garret – S H I N E  Joana D Dress Version2

Boots – Similar Viper Boots

Accessories – NHA Love Necklace (free group gift) & Twisted & Spoiled Chichi Bracelet



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