Love’s Spin on Goth

Good morning SL Lovelies!  I took a trip to Blue Blood this week, a store full of fun gothic fashion, to challenge myself and see what I could do with gothic designs. Goth isn’t something I normally wear, nor is it in my personality to wear it full on, but the thing about goth is that you can take bits and pieces of it to add a little extra “OMGoth” to something you would normally wear.

Turns out, I’m more of a take something goth and turn it sweet kind of girl lol.  Yes…  I am a disappointing gothic subject…  but isn’t it cute?

Love is wearing…

Hair – Lamb Teased Up (30L!)

Dress – Blue Blood Muriel NSA 2011 Gift – (FREE GIFT!)

Jacket – Sartoria Dirty Hands Punk Outfit Girl Jacket

Shoes – Yummi Doutzen High Heeled Sandals

Accessories – Adored Destiny Necklace

Blue Blood has such creative designs, the textures are realistic and the colours are rich and vibrant.  You could really pull off some fabulous goth glam looks with items from this store.  They have a Midnight Mania Boards and Lucky Boards, so make sure you check them out if you wander down there.  I really like the way it turned out and will be back to play around with more of Ghanima Uriza’s fashions at Blue Blood.



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