Ooh La La ~ O.O ~

Like a Flower waiting to bloom,

Like a light bulb, in a dark room

I’m just sitting here, waiting for you

To come on home, and turn me on…

I feel like I am doing a bit of a blogathon!  Since Friday I have been a blogging maniac.  While I was out and about today exploring sims, I peeked around at the Tableau sim and came across Ooh La La and I couldn’t help myself but share this sexy stuff with you!  First I’ll show you the free gift they are offering, then a couple of hot little numbers I couldn’t walk past without grabbing.  They were so affordable, I may have to go back for more colours!

(above) Love Trill is wearing…

Hair – [ 69 ] Jessica2

Lingerie – Ooh La La Funky Hearts (free gift)!

Shoes – Pixel Mode Baby T’s Plain – Gold

(above) Lingerie – Veronica Bows Set – Pink (only 100L!)

This one is my fave – I’m SO going to wear it every where!  Another picture to show off the back detail..

Lingerie – Ooh La La Lined Corset – Yellow / Pink (only 150L)

Good night – I’m finally blogged out!


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