Lamb Treats & Moushou For You

Love Trill is wearing:

Hair:  Lamb Honeycomb Roots First, let me tell you about this fabulous hair I am wearing… This is a FREE subscribe gift from Lamb!  Just subscribe, read the messages and you are sent this sexy blonde rooted hair.   Lamb also has a couple of styles out by their window on sale for 30L (Teased Up & Unbirthday).

Dress:  Tiny Bird – Skinny Love – Sadly this store closed down, but that won’t stop me from wearing their great fashions.

Boots: Similar VipersThese boots are pure hot – favourite boots in my inventory!

Accessories: Leel Bracelet with Shadow This one came with an outfit called Dark Watch.

Pepper Multi Necklace – Currently on promo for 50L!

Shoulder Pet: Moushou World Mini Moushou Rock – The owner of Moushou World sent me this fun shoulder pet and I thought I would share it with you!  He’s no ordinary shoulder pet, he is full of scripty goodness!  My favourite feature of the Moushou Shoulder Pets is that you can send love and kisses to anyone in the local area with you.  They come in several different styles from sweet and cute to grungy and dark.

 Here is a couple of snippits from the notecard he came with.

ოἶղἶ ოօմʂհօմ νԶ

Round like the sun,
Sweet like dreams,
Tender like cuddles,
Hairy like candy floss.

NICKNAME : It's the name you may choose for your Mini Moushou. It will be displayed like a Title, and it will be used in the fonction SAY.

SAY : You can make your Mini Moushou say something in chat. Make it speech, using the Nickname you choose before.

POOF : Used to send Particules on someone around you
    - Select a particule,  and the person to send it on.

SOUND : Used to make your mini moushou play sounds
    - Select the song to play

CHANNEL : Each Mini Moushou is shipped with it's own communication Channel (to interact with it, in chat)
    - You can change this setting here, if another of your items use the same channel.



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