Girls Kick Butt & They Can Do It In Heels!

Let me tell you I nearly brought out my SL ammunition this afternoon.  I had been stalking a lucky board, just waiting for my lucky letter L to pop up, wishing my name was Xove or Rove or Zove just so I could get that item in the lucky board…  I waited and waited, then looked away.  What happens while I look away for less than 2 seconds?  Lucky letter L… and some jackass named Louis who TPed in and snatched MY lucky letter L item!  Was he really going to wear that black dress?  I think not.  Wasn’t even transfer.  Maybe I should have transferred him some matching shoes to go with my dress.  Anyways, I don’t hold a grudge..  I was just about to tell him how I hoped that dress hugged his hips just so, accentuating his divine curves, but he left!  BAM just like that – rude.  I suppose I should thank him anyways, because as I went all “on a mission” it reminded me about this delicious (FREE!) number I picked up @ S H I N E :).  Now I’m going back to park my butt, peel my eyes and wait for letter L again… Wish me luck!

Love is wearing:

Hair – BooN  UZU512

Shirt – S H I N E  Military Gift Shirt  (Free Group Gift)

Pants –  S H I N E Military Gift Pants (Free Group Gift)

Shoes – HOC Industries Noir Stilettos

Accessories – * Seduce Me* Gloves & AH Military Backpack

Face Paint – Pepper

Don’t worry Louis – your safe…  I’m sweet as pie *grins*



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