Love’s Got Dirty Hands Again…

You know, I have this great idea to just blog the 17,000 items already in my inventory in an attempt to save myself from spending lindens, but I can’t help myself… There are so many fabulous new designs out there and designers just keep out-doing themselves!  I accidentally went back to Dirty Hands just to see if they had anything new…  Wearing these sexy ripped jeans gave me an excuse to match it up with a Truth hair style I have had in my inventory for months that I have just never worn… (silly me – it’s hot!) and these great boots from Slink!  I think it’s in the sale section at Truth now actually!

Hair:  Truth Tahlia 2

Shirt:  Sn@tch Butch Tank Top

Pants: Dirty Hands Ripped Jeans

Boots:  Slink Blair Boots

Accessories:  Twisted & Spoiled Rosary Beads

Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful Mom readers 🙂  Let’s not forget to visit RL once in a while and smother them with kisses whether they like it or not!

Ohh editing to add one more pic..  <giggles>



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