Here Kitty Kitty!

After awwwwwwing all of Delusional’s adorable kitties on her blog, I complimented her on them and asked her where she gets them…  and since she is so incredibly sweet (sorry Del, the secret is out!),  she gave me one from her new litter.  Despite his perfect behavior, I have named him Madcat (inside joke).  As you can see, he is getting along with Bundle2 quite nicely…  I’ll do my best not to ghost him (as I did poor Bundle #1…  bless his little heart), or forget to feed him.  I have never had a SL pet I have actually had to do anything other than look at so this should be interesting!

Another thing Delusional inspired me to do was to check out Sn@tch, and since they are currently having a huge inventory sale it was perfect timing!  I lost many a linden today, but found some really great stuff! My favourite Sn@tch find today was this dainty French Floral Skirt and it looks sublime with the Sookie Jean Corset!  I’m wearing on top of the corset, Carrie’s Lingerie Free Group Gift Bra (I nuded the nips because they were WAY out – and I don’t just go showing my pixels to everyone.. usually)


One thought on “Here Kitty Kitty!

  1. Oh my goodness Love, Madcat is completely precious!!! I’m so happy to see that he and Bundle are getting along famously (just as I predicted)!! As for exposing me and letting my secret out…..hmmmm….you just better be happy Madcat’s cuteness softened the blow. *giggles* Let me also add that I’m so happy you went to Sn@tch! That skirt is probably my favorite of all the clothes there and it looks incredible on you!!!

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