Chica Boom Bishes

I am totally breaking a huge rule here for wearing the same outfit two blogs in a row…  /me shakes her head in disgust, but I had such a blast with Lladria yesterday I have to share!  She TPed me to Vista (which is one of my very fave animation override stores)  and she had me in tears I was laughing so hard.  I suppose it is probably one of those “had to be there moments” that no one but her and I will be able to appreciate to its fullest…  but OMG it was funny!

So this is how it went down… and I have to cut out 3/4 of our babbling because it went on for quite some time and half of the nasty talk- but here’s the jelly filling. Lladria is definitely one of those people I wish I knew in RL. She’s got one huge heart and her wit amazes me on a daily basis.  We have shared hundreds of virtual cartons of Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, rum soaked brownies, hugs and way too many laughs to count.  You gotta hit play on the video below – this is the Love & Lladria Theme Song.  The post won’t be the same without it.

I usually prefer AO’s that are simple with not too much movement, but  Chica Boom was one I couldn’t pass up 🙂

[10:26] Lladria Quicksand: lol omg girl you HAVE to see this new AO I'm testing
[10:26] Lladria Quicksand: SOOoooo funny
[10:26] Love Trill: tp, I have a few minutes

[10:28] Lladria Quicksand: OOoooohhh my GAWD I am soooo fucking SEXY!  I can't STAND it!  i can't even keep my HANDS off myself when I'm WALKING
[10:28] Lladria Quicksand: ooohh God i wanna touch myself! Oh yeah...oooOOOHHH!
[10:29] Love Trill: kaboom kabooma
[10:29] Love Trill: you want some fries with that shake?
[10:32] Love Trill: your ass is out of control
[10:32] Love TrillLove Trill dies
[10:32] Love Trill: what the hell is that pose you are doing?
[10:33] Love Trill: bathroom stall?
[10:33] Lladria Quicksand: omg wtf is this?  Piss into the cup?
[10:33] Lladria Quicksand: Pregnancy test????
[10:33] Love Trill: negative - whew
[10:39] Lladria Quicksand: RAWR.....(breathily) Ooohh Pro-FESS-or.....your coconuts are so big and heavy!  Come show Ginger how to work your island radio..... (purrrrr)
[10:39] Love Trill: you are a nut
[10:41] Lladria Quicksand: Hi my name is Loooove Trilllllll......I enjoy long walks on the beach....with the wind in my mind and naughty thoughts in my hair....
[10:41] Love TrillLove Trill spits my coffee
[10:46] Lladria Quicksand: wtf
[10:46] Love Trill: assume the position

[10:52] Love Trill: this pose says, I'm a dirty girl playing innocent
[10:52] Love Trill: brilliant
[10:56] Love Trill: I look like I'm in heat!
[10:57] Lladria QuicksandLladria Quicksand snorts her milk and makes high, loud caterwauling sounds to match Love's MATING CRY
[10:57] Love Trill: HA
[10:57] Love Trill: come on baby, have a little peek you know you wanna
[10:58] Lladria Quicksand: This is the beginning of a TERRIBLE FDS commercial
[10:59] Love Trill: Do  you sometimes get that unfresh feeling?
[11:04] Love Trill: you gonna back dat shit up or do I gotta push up on it?
[11:05] Love Trill: whoops I bought it
[11:05] Lladria Quicksand: lmao
[11:05] Love Trill: I was doing so good
[11:05] Love Trill: <sighs>
[11:06] Love Trill: shit...  I gotta run
[11:06] Love Trill: Thanks or the chicka boom boom
[11:07] Lladria Quicksand: lmao
[11:07] Lladria Quicksand: oh no
[11:07] Lladria Quicksand: thank YOU
[11:07] Love Trill: that doesnt sound good
[11:07] Lladria QuicksandLladria Quicksand just bought that shit, too


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