Lazy Sunday

Forgive me!  It has been over a week since my last post – blame my human…  she went away and locked me up all week!  I missed blogging so much, I may have a couple a day this week just to catch up.  I have some great free stuff to share with you today!! The only item I am wearing today that cost me anything was the socks… and I forget how much they were, so they don’t count :).  First, check out my skin…  ohh la la!  This one is called Elle and is a FREE GROUP GIFT at Belleza.  I ❤ Belleza skins!  The sign up is 250L, but with the gifts they give out – its well worth it.

Secondly, the hair!  This fun ponytail style hair (fatpack in several colours) is a FREE GROUP GIFT from Yuna’s Hair.

and thirdly, (is that a word?)…  This super sweet panty & cami set!  Ding ding ding – also a FREE GROUP GIFT!  This is from TGIS.  It says Trashy Angel all over it, but Ima over look it because it’s hot!

I am not sure where I picked up these cute pink striped tube socks – I think maybe marketplace because I have no LM in the folder.

Bundle2 and I look quite cozy don’t we? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Ooohh I LOVE that ponytail – you sassy thing! And yes – just ONE group gift freebie from Belleza is worth more than $250 so WELL DONE, YOU. I guess I should start getting strategic about this stuff… I am too lazy to hunt, I just buy, buy, buy. Snuggle Bundle2 for me ‘n Izzy! We missed you both!

    P.S. – you say “trashy angel” like that is somehow a NEGATIVE…? : /

    • Thanks girly!! I try not to buy, but alas, I am weak… I haven’t purchased anything in a week, but then again… I was offline lol

      Hey – If the Trashy Angel outfit fits, it was meant to be. Perhaps I am a trashy angel afterall 😛

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