Ballerina Girl

This Biatch Lavender Mini  from Sascha’s Designs was a previous 60L Weekend Sale item and a super find.  I wasn’t sure quite how I was going to wear this gem of a dress until I picked up the Darla hair from TDRB, then it all came together and I knew it was a ballerina fantasy waiting to happen!  Darla – Exile at The Dressing Room Blue  is on sale currently  for it’s one year birthday celebration.  I’m also wearing MoozShooZ! Ballet Flats which I purchased on Marketplace.  I have tried on several pairs of ballet flats, and these ones are great – no gaping holes around the feet!  They fit snug like ballet flats should!

Seriously… run, don’t walk to The Dressing Room Blue and pick up this beautiful updo made by Exile!  For just 40L you get all colours and the hair base!  You won’t find this one at the Exile store – its sold exclusively through TDRB.

Hope you all have a great long weekend filled with fun, friends, family and most of all… CHOCOLATE!


I’m off to dance in a giant jewelry box – TTFNSLL


One thought on “Ballerina Girl

  1. /me serenades Love with “Tiny Dancer”

    Bellissima, ballerina girl! I will DEFINITELY be scooping up that DARLING little Darla ‘do… IF I can ever drag myself from the Powdered Wig Room at Nonna. Seriously. If you do not see me by Tuesday night….stage an intervention.

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