Where Is My Driver?

It appears I am to stand here all day and wait for my tour guide driver…  At least I am looking cute :). While I am being forced to stand here for hours in the blistering SL heat and still manage to some how look like a super model, without a hair out of place or a bead of sweat, I’ll tell you about some great finds, some free, some not – but all fabulous!

 Hair – MOA 02 from [ 69 ]

Dress – Tiny BirdPainted Flower Dress ~ Tiny Bird is closing its doors soon 😦  They have all kinds of great sales in their store right now as well as a Season’s Hunt item.

Bikini Top – Grumble Grumble – Hawaiian Bikini ~ Grumble Grumble..  These guys have large gift cards in their MM boards all the time.  I don’t think I have paid for anything yet – and they do have a few very cute items there!

Capris – Berries – Lazy Sunday Boyfriend Jeans

Shoes – In Her Shoes – Flip Flops – ALL of the items at In Her Shoes are totally FREE.  The designer makes them for fun, not money!

Accessories – Indian Summer Necklace from Redskull (previous TAH item – FREE), Magic Nook  – Fly Little Bird Ring (Season’s Hunt Item – FREE), Coco – Clear Tote Bag (Free Group Gift **note:  Coco has a whole wall full of group gifties for their VIPs!)

I’m going to find the Tiki Bar…  TTFNSLL


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