Welcome To The Candy Shoppe

My friend Kristabel is a fashion designer  and AshmoOt store owner in Second Life.  She sent me a cute new release of hers to tell you all about, but as I was in her store, this sassy melt in your mouth not in your hands “Candy Dress” jumped out at me in one of her  Midnight Mania Boards and I knew I had to share it right away!  I suppose I have the focus of a gnat…  gotta love me 🙂

It’s so cute with lacy ties at the hips and in the center of the chest and the print on the dress is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth with candies, cookies and cupcakes all over it.    I matched it up with a fun hairstyle I picked up at the Posh/Slutcookie 25L Sale (Posh – Stopwatch Heart) that comes with the hat shown.  Also worn is a pair of AshmoOt pink lace stockings from her new Spring Breath Outfit, and my trusty KBoots in black which I purchased on Marketplace.  Accessories worn – Twisted & Spoiled Rosary Beads and Hand Beads as well as a Bitch Tail Berry Candy Stick.

Anyone else hungry??  lol


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