Love Potion #9

Ok, I failed already…  24 hours and I have another hairstyle from booN, but just look at it.. how could I not grab it?  It screamed at me to buy it and,  the minute I put on I knew I was gonna go all Happy Days (without the bad Joanie perm)!  Let me tell you, if Joanie looked like this, there would be no “waiting”.  Chachi woulda been all up in her precious lady garden and it would have been a whole different kind of show.  Did I really just type that? Yes..  I did. <sigh>

The plan was to hit the road and go cruisin down the strip, but since I don’t own this sweet hotrod, it set off an alarm, kicked me out and threw me on the road <pout>, but I look fabulous in front of it, right?  This very simple, yet satisfying outfit consists of booN’s UZU512 & BooN hair base, along with the minxy Red Polka Dot Cami I picked up at the Posh/Slutcookie 25L Sale (which is on until Sunday, April 24th), along with Mon Tissu’s Lou Lou Dark Jeans, and my Venezia’s from Similar Shoes.  The necklace and hoop earrings came with my Rawr outfit from Twisted & Spoiled.

If you want to go back half a century and have a vintage night yourself – check out Slappy’s Diner and Beach Club! Thats where these fun photos were taken.  Here you’ll find all sorts of fifties type stuff to do like roller rinks and diners.



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