Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon, I head to HP Park and just wander around in all it’s “brilliant blueness”.  Blue just happens to be my favourite colour, so this sim is outstanding in my opinion.  HP Park is the perfect blend of blue, mist, glow and wtf.  I can’t quite make sense of the theme or the meaning of this park, but it works!   (click on the photos to expand them)

Explore the vast ruins, look for hidden treasure, play at the park (swings, ridable train & airplanes), share a tender moment hidden in the flowers with your sweetie, or dive deep down into the hidden under water caves!

The mermaid costume is called Mer-Guppy Turquoise from Pacific Sunrise, comes with several modesty layers and has the most beautiful tail!

I have a couple of freebies and a deal to share with you too!!  I am wearing Truth’s Elle hair (link is in the side panel) – which is half price located in their discount section with tons of other great styles on 50% as well!  The cute top I am wearing (as a human) is a free group gift courtesy of C’est La Vie called Lovin Tunic and the LOVE Necklace (was it made for me or what?) is also a free group gift from NHA.



2 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon

  1. Mmmmm….bysh fysh! OMG that came out a lot gayer than it sounded in my head. Wow. So, um..yeah. Do they have a green park? Cuz I am down with that. You look loverly, m’dear…kinda salty, maybe, but definitely no briny aftertaste. Flaky and delicate, just like me.

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