Love & Bundle2’s Strange Dream

Bundle2 and I thought we’d lay down for a couple winks. I slipped into something comfy – my mega sexy undies & T from Sartoria’s Dirty Hands which just happens to be a Valentine’s day free gift that is still at their store, and my Dream Doll Kitty Toe Warmers from Project FUR .


Of course all sorts of things were racing through my mind..  like how I was going to mess up my super dreamy hair from Truth (Krystal), but I was exhausted from playing barbies (shopping and changing my clothes)….  such is the life of a SL avatar and avatar’s puppy, we were just simply tuckered out…



Bundle and I finally drifted off to sleep and had the same very strange dream – we were free falling in space with bubbles, stars and flashing lights, doing silly dances and being given wise advice from strange beings.


We decided when we woke up, we should totally lay off spicy pepperoni pizza before naps, but that it was a fun trip.  You can have an adventure like Bundle and I too, by visiting Fotoscope for your own free-falling experience!  Bring a friend – or a group – it’s definitely something every SL resident should try at the very least once!



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