Not Sure When It Happened, But…

I think I may have become my Mother!  I found this scrumptious dress (R.icielli – Claudia Minidress / olive) and super classy boots (COCO Leather & Canvas Flat Boots in Cream) at The Dressing Room and while I love it, I found the dress to be a bit too short for my liking…  Yes… even for Love lol, and threw a pair of jeans (aDiva Couture Sidora Front Button Jeans – closed) under it!  My Mother (yes, RL in case you were confused, I do have one!) always made me wear pants with short dresses as a kid, and this just goes to show me – it works on some level – lmao.

Usually I am not a fan of green, and you won’t see me in a lot of it but I really like this dress!  I threw another one of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s bags in there and I’m still sporting Truth’s Alyson – because…  I love them 🙂  Today’s smexy bag is called Deidre Shoulder Tote – Green Flowers and can be purchased on The Marketplace for a whopping 5L.




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