Whimsy and Stuff :)

Whimsy is the perfect name for this sim – its just that!  Whimsical!  I visited this landmark today and found that it is beautiful,  quiet, lag-free and a bit silly and fun in places. (You can click on the photos to enlarge)

There you will find interesting things like an exploding volcano and a train ride, as well as beautiful scenery, waterfalls and plenty of whimsical things to click and play on or rez (canoes, jetskis etc)!  They claim to have the best volcano in Second Life, and it’s quite possible, as I have not yet seen a better one.


Make sure you read the many historical signs along the twisting, winding pathway – they are quite entertaining…



I could post photos all day of the interesting things to find at Whimsy, and I’m going to have to come back and explore the vast coral garden they claim to have (maybe as a mermaid!), but I’d rather you just TPed down and checked it out yourself, there is layer upon layer of adventure here!  FYI…just in case you are wondering, it is rated G, but there is a romantic couples dancing area in the sky, as well as some really cute cuddle & kisses around the sim.


I took some closer pics of my outfit…  because you just gotta see it!  The detail on this new dress from Plastik is killer!  I so hope this blog doesn’t take three years to load with all of the pictures I stuffed into it!  I am such a blogger  noob!   This dress is called KoahKuma in Cloudless and it comes in a bazillion different colours.  I may need another…  or four.  This dress just screams fatpack, but I had to behave myself  because…


I also fell in love with the new Truth release (Alison), check out the cute messy bun in the back (and also the sweet detail on the back of the dress!) and…



the shoes…  I have no control.  I needed these shoes, it was a necessity.  Really 🙂   These sexy shoes are from my favourite shoe store in SL – Similar Shoes.  These ones are called Firenze and come in various shades.

There is one thing I didn’t have to buy, and that is the skin!  YAY for Belleza – this skin is called Erika and is a group gift! One hell of a group gift, I’d say and it couldn’t have matched this dress any better!  Last time I checked they had three skins out for group gifts, which is well worth the 250L sign up fee!






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