Lovely Midsomer Isle

Midsomer Isle has been one of my favourite places to explore since I started SL.  The scenery is beautiful especially set at sunset.  The photo below is “my spot” although I have caught a few people trying to make it their spot too…  I need to put up a sign or something!

This sim has so much to offer… Flower petals to curl up inside, mushrooms to lay under, a wide variety of couples dance animations (even in the clouds), beautiful waterfalls, lush green forests, flowers and wildlife. In fact there were two very common types of creatures that kept buzzing around me the entire time I was there…  hummingbirds and frisky noobs in tuxedos with no AOs (sheesh).

Perhaps it was the super cute dress I found at The Sea Hole. I will for sure be back for more of their fashions!  This dress is called The Garden District Dress  in Constance.  Also in the photos below is my new hair from Vive9 (Freja in Telson).  Told ya, I have no control…

Hope you’ll take a few minutes to enjoy what the Midsomer Isle sim has to offer..  just stay out of my spot! 😀


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