Meet Bundle2


Bundle2 is my little partner in crime, my SL buddy and probably my favourite thing in my inventory (aside from snapshots).  Yes, Bundle2 is an odd name for a puppy…  There was a Bundle of Love (#1), but he was <gaspy sobs> “ghosted”… 😦  I waited days for him to come back with no success.  Little Bundle is lost for good I am afraid, so Bundle2 keeps me entertained now.

Here’s a close up of him – he does all sorts of fun poses in my arms, and if you are in an area you can rez, you can set him to follow you around, bark, sit, stay, etc.  He even listens, unlike my RL puppy lol  Just another one of those things that is so much easier in Second Life!  Cool pets like Bundle can be found at Paradise Pets.

While we were out hair shopping, I got a compliment on the bag I was wearing, so I thought I’d show it to you all too.  I don’t often carry bags since everything I need sits so neatly in my inventory, but this outfit was so dark, needed something to brighten me up a bit!  I found this sweet bag on market place for 1L – Its called Shoulder Tote – China Doll, made by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

On our travels today, we came across a store called Vive9 and I am shocked I haven’t found them before now considering I am a huge hair whore.  I picked up a couple I like, but this one is my favourite!  I am wearing Bruna in Mahogany & Tonic. Go ahead, click on the pic, you know you wanna see it full size!  Nice work Vive9!


Bundle2 and I having a little rest after our hair shopping adventure…


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