The Day Has Finally Arrived…

Yes!!  It has finally happened!  I have been drooling over my hunky man’s Sartoria jeans for months, so wishing that they would make a women’s version.  I was so desperate I even tried the mens on…  which was a fail.. because even in SL, we have bulges in the wrong places.  But…  check me out!  Ladies Sartoria Jeans… on ME!  The detail on these jeans is fabulous.. all the creases and folds are in the right place and the jean prims are perfect despite my lazy photography & posing.  These are the Dirty Hands – Solace jeans, will be back to pick up more soon, because I have NO control…  <face palms>

/me jumps up and down and up and down and squishy hugs Traveller Bade!! (who is the Dirty Hands, Sartoria Owner. I simply don’t want to take these off!




One thought on “The Day Has Finally Arrived…

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