Love Goes 90201 Style


I was so totally hoping to see the old school charactors of 90210 wandering around the sim lmao…  <sighs> While there was no Dylan racing down the street in his porche or Kelly maxing out her Dad’s credit cards or Brenda learning some kind of an after school special type lesson,   it was very much like a trip to Beverly Hills 90210 with its crystal blue water, shady palm trees and…  my favourite part…  SHOPS!

Tell me this next photo doesn’t bring back fond memories of Brandon in his little apron servin up some pie al la mode at The Peach Pit! That guy really knew how to wear a pair of Levis.

There was plenty to see at this sim, the airport, lifegaurd station, the yacht club, but also many places to chill out either on your own, or with someone special.  I spent so much time here today, I think I might have to wear my tanned skin tomorrow 😛



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