♥ Wow! Thanks! ♥

I am truly amazed and surprised every time I am recognized in a group or honoured with an award.  I really just go about my business and have a good time, and it’s really nice to see that others are enjoying what I do.  Thank you for your appreciation!! (squishy hugs)

Blogger Spotlight on the Paragon Animations Facebook Page.

Belle Events Weekend Feature on Facebook – Honorary Photographer – January 2019

FaMESHed X Promo Video for December 2019!

December 2019 SL Calendar Girl!

SL Calendar Girl - February 2019 ♥

October 2019 SL Calendar Girls!


Calendar Girl - August 2019!

[FaMESHed X] Top Five Awardee :D

Calendar Girls - May 2019

SLovesadventures: Thank you Eclipse Magazine!

April 2019 Calendar Girl!

Belle. Events Weekend Feature! 4/19/19

February 2019 - Calendar Girl!

Thank you Lina Nerido and Stina McGillivary!

November Calendar Girl!

SLovesadventures: SL Calendar Girls – September 2018 :D

SL Calendar Girls - June 2018 - SQUEE!